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specialist examination

A prerequisite for the granting of the specialist title is passing the specialist examination. It is compulsory in all subject areas.

This is the responsibility of the specialist societies, which carry out specialist examinations at least once a year.


Specialist examination – what applies? (as of 2019)

Leaflet for appeals against a failed specialist examination

Leaflet for the specialist societies on technical and administrative legal problems when conducting specialist examinations

Admission to the specialist examination

Circular to the professional societies of May 27, 2009

Decision of the Federal Appeals Commission on the inspection of examination documents (VPB 68.30)


12./13. April 2018 in Lausanne
6th/7th September 2018 in Liestal

exam fee
The specialist society SGPath charges an examination fee of CHF 300 for members of the SGPath and CHF 450 for non-members.
The examination fee is to be transferred when registering for the examination.

Eligibility Conditions

Only doctors with a Swiss or a foreign medical diploma recognized by the FOPH are permitted to take the specialist examination (Art. 23 WBO). The transitional provisions are set out in Art. 69 Para. 3 of the WBO.


Prof. Dr. medical Paul Comminoth
Triemli City Hospital
Institute of Pathology
Mrs. Crista Bicker
Chief Physician's Secretariat
Birmensdorferstrasse 497
8063 Zurich
Phone 044 416 53 01

​​​​​​_d04a07d8- 9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_Passing the specialist examination is a prerequisite for acquiring the title of specialist in pathology; any applicable transitional provisions and exceptions: 

Specialist examination – what applies? (as of 2019)

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